Integrated Remote Site Manager

Integrated Remote Site Manager


Access four console ports and reboot four devices with this integrated Remote Site Manager. From one call you can switch between any of the four serial ports or access any of the A/C outlets for complete access and control. The internal modem option turns this unit into a completely integrated system that will minimize costly trips to remote sites.


  • Integrated Port Selector and Power Controller
  • Unified menu selection for all functions
  • Password Security
  • Internal Modem Option
  • Speeds up to 115.2Kbps
  • 1U Rack Mounted Package
  • North American and International Models

Port Selector

As a port selector, the 4PK-415 allows one Master RS-232 asynchronous channel to be selectively switched to any of up to 4 ports. The 4PK-415 can be used to provide access from one modem or terminal to multiple systems. A typical use for the Port Selector is to access out-of-band management ports on multiple devices. By using simple escape strings or easy to use menu commands, the operator can select which port to access. Ports can also access the Master by raising a control lead (DTR or RTS). While accessing a port, the 4PK-415 is passive, allowing all data to pass until it receives a user programmable command.

Power Controller

The 4PK-415 has four controllable A/C oultets. The unit accepts code or menu commands from its Master Port to power On, Off or Reboot the outets. The user can program the menu with a name for each outlet. A positive feedback system insures that the status reported is correct.