The Ultimate in Customizability

Limited only by your imagination, Evans’ Identity™ is our most flexible console platform design and sets the industry standard for ergonomic performance and appearance.

Extremely customizable, the Identity™ console displays a virtually unlimited series of options from fully enclosed to fully open, flat panel depth to full CRT depth, a complete array of finishes and worksurface materials, adjustable worksurfaces to static surfaces and all options in between.

The open architecture of Identity accommodates virtually any size and combination of equipment and provides easy front and rear access for servicing. In addition to this unparalleled functionality, Identity’s infinite customizability also allows for sit-stand options, premium wood veneers and specialized custom millwork.

The Identity™ is designed to push the bounds of tailored solutions and is the industry’s preferred choice in premium consoles.

Design Features
Unlimited Customizability – Limited only by your imagination, Identity™ offers unlimited flexibility and options for customization, whether it is through unique configurations, extensions, peninsulas, credenzas, wall units, custom finishes and more.

Configuration and Layout Versatility – Whether you are looking for an open-desk or closed-desk configuration, reduced-depth or full-depth, sit-stand capabilities, or a combination of all the above, Identity offers you unmatched flexibility. Parametric in virtually all directions, the Identity™ can be easily configured to almost any layout. And as technology or your specific needs change, many layouts can be retrofitted to meet those requirements.

Portal Framework – The central frame structure is designed as a “portal” system. This open architecture allows complete flexibility for internal equipment configuration. The space between the upper and lower portions of the console is barrier-free, permitting equipment to float into either plane as required and thus supporting larger processors and auxiliary equipment. This framework also allows for easy front and rear access of equipment for servicing through panels that may be gas-piston lift, hinged or removable.

Superb Construction – With a modular steel and aluminum internal structure combined with durable high pressure laminate worksurfaces, you are assured that the console structure and its components are suitable for almost any application.

Contemporary Styling – Unlimited design options allows for maximum functionality and aesthetic design flexibility. The use of contemporary premium exterior finish materials ensures the ability to achieve a distinguished appearance that sets the industry standard.

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