Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle

Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle


WDM Inc has expertise in both hot and cold aisle containment and a full range of products and services to accomplish an optimal deployed solution. Our experts will evaluate your exact situation and will provide an environment that maximizes efficiency, cost savings and ROI.

Passive Room Level

  • Strip Curtains
  • Rigid Containment Panels
  • Drop-Away Containment Panels
  • Aisle-end Swing Doors
  • Aisle-end Sliding Doors

Active Rack and Row Level

  • Active Rack Chimney
  • Active Row Chimney

Passive Rack Level

  • Blanking Panels
  • Brush Seals
  • Passive Chimney System

Passive Floor Level

  • Grommets
  • Foam Dam
  • CRAC Duct Hood
  • Sealing Tape
  • Airflow Control Baffles
  • Rack Skirts

Modular Data Center

  • Emerson SmartRow
  • Emerson SmartAisle
  • Emerson SmartMod

Assessment Services

  • Thermal Load Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Power Utilization Efficiency Study
  • Capacity Benchmarking
  • Data Center Space Optimization
  • Redundancy and Failure Analysis

Which Side of the Containment Aisle?

Separating hot and cold air in a data center is key to improving energy efficiency.

Both hot?air and cold?air containment can:

  • Improve the predictability and efficiency of cooling systems.
  • Allow cool air to reach the front of IT equipment without mixing with hot air.
  • Allow for cooling systems to be set to a higher supply temperature (saving energy and increasing cooling capacity).
  • Allow for increased cold air supply air temperatures and the warmest possible return air back to the cooling unit.
  • Allow for right-sized cooling equipment vs. using oversized equipment to compensate for mixing, hotspots, etc.

Many factors influence which option will work best in your data center:

  • Availability of a return plenum
  • Ability to conform cabinets to rows
  • IT personnel working conditions
  • Data center footprint
  • New construction vs legacy data center

Our full range of products and services will further improve your airflow efficiency in either direction.