Global Site Management

Global Site Management


Global Site Management (GSM™) is a complete intelligent management solution with real-time results. Whether Data Center Manager, IT Technician, or Executive, GSM™ provides the vision you need to manage capacity, increase efficiency, and avoid risk while preserving valuable business resources.

GSM Power

Data Centers alone do not guarantee uptime: effective power practices do.
As the foundation for all GSM™ products,
GSMpower provides the base intelligence required to protect your business systems and provide you the knowledge to maintain uptime.

GSM Air+Space

See your data center, not just your racks! GSMair+space delivers the information you need to land your IT equipment in the right place.

GSM Energy Plan

Provide your accounting department a way to allocate costs to internal business units. Our extensive support of Electronic Data Interchange software allows you to associate your IT systems with corporate financial systems to easily allocate chargebacks.

Global Site Management (GSM™) is an expanding data center management solution. The GSM™ team has software and data center professionals on-board who understand your business and are dedicated to your support. We listened and now deliver the solutions you require to Master Your Data Center. We are continually bringing new offerings to the market place to support your needs.

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