Fasnap filler panels fit all applications.

Less fasteners=faster installation!

Square-hole rail solution:

FSP-1 Is a tool-less filler panel designed to enable quick and easy installation and removal. To install, simply guide the pivot feet into the square cutouts (within the selected ā€œuā€ unit space) then snap the other end into position.

Tapped or open-hole rail solution:

FSP-2 Is a tool-less filler panel designed to fit tapped or open holes To install, place slip-fit guide pins in holes of your selected unit space while depressing slide latches towards the center of panel. When panel is in place and flush to rail surface, release latch and recheck to make sure latch is secure on both sides. To remove, depress (slide) latch and lift off.

Some racks have rails that are out of tolerance due to handling, manufacturing, shipping, or extended use. Fasnap filler panels, although designed to EIA-310-D standards, will accommodate most horizontal out of spec dimensions.

*Custom panel patterns and panel sizes are available upon request.