EMGeist’s Current Monitoring PDUs are ideal for installations where remote current monitoring is critical. Most data center managers have experienced down equipment caused by an overloaded circuit. The resulting down-time can cause a disproportionate amount of damage and lost revenues. Various configurations are available including outlet, breaker, circuit and aggregate level monitoring and alarming. Units featuring outlet level monitoring offer additional granularity for identifying idle server power or simplifying departmental chargeback for power use.


Remote current monitoring Prevent down-time with early notification of current threshold breach
Local current monitoring – digital display Instantaneous feedback ideal for moves, adds and changes
SNMP traps and alarms Integration into SNMP system for remote notification
User-friendly GUI interface Quickly locate pertinent information
Pause scroll button Observe changes to circuit current consumption as equipment is added
IP address reset button Ease of reconfiguration upon move or loss of IP address
Accessible via any web browser Easy installation & maintenance – No external software


+/- 3.5% Accuracy with Full Scale 50-60Hz sine wave input



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