Dominion SX

Dominion SX


The Raritan Dominion SX serial switch enables IT professionals to access, monitor and control all their serial devices securely, anytime, from anywhere. Easy to install, simple to use, secure and scalable, this remote management solution provides one point of control to manage a wide range of servers and IT devices, including:

  • Networking equipment — routers, Ethernet switches, firewalls
  • WAN equipment — ISDN terminal adapters, channel banks, CSU/DSUs, PBX/PABXs and WDM
  • Servers and headless servers — Sun® Cobalt™, Solaris™, HP-UX, UNIX®, Linux®,IBM® AIX® and Windows Server™ 2003
  • Raritan PDUs like the RPC Series and Dominion PX series.

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