Dock and Lock System

Dock and Lock System


The PSSI Dock & Lock® System is a computer storage cabinet solution to lock up laptops and notebooks. For many organizations, Dock & Lock® cabinets are a part of their mobile computing strategy for secure storage, networking and recharging. Their computers are always ready when needed.

Efficiency = Savings

Dock & Lock® cabinets manage portable computers when not deployed. During this non-deployed time, computers are updated, activity data transferred, maintenance programs run and software updated. All this occurs while the battery is charging and the computer is locked up. The wait is over. Consider the savings when your workers no longer have to wait for work assignments and critical downloads. Computers are ready to go at the start of every shift.

More Cost Effective

A pre-wired Dock & Lock® cabinet is more cost effective than providing individual cabling for AC power and network connections to each computer. The cabinets’ sleek design maximize floor space.

Most Versatile

Dock & Lock®customers represent most every industry deploying mobile computing devices: communications, utilities, medical, insurance, manufacturing, administration, government, public safety, law enforcement and the military. There is a Dock & Lock® cabinet available for your specific needs. Models are available for storing just a few computers, to high density laptop storage, even one you can fit under a desk.