Versatility and Durability for Even The Most Robust Environments

The ultimate solution for 24/7 durability in demanding environments, the Evans Diversity™ console offers a winning combination of modular configuration, enhanced ergonomics, and aesthetic styling, making it the leading choice in the console industry. From the simplest control console to the most complex, Diversity™ offers the widest range of aesthetic and functional options ever offered in a price-conscious console system.

This system consists of stackable modules and accessories, which can be assembled in a variety of configurations to suit most control center applications. The four main subsystems of Diversity™ (structural frame, equipment mounting kits, exterior panels and console accessories) work together to provide a level of versatility, durability and aesthetics previously only associated with custom crafted cabinetry and not achievable through conventional console construction methods.

Arguably the best overall value in the console industry, the Diversity™ has been a proven winner for our clients for years.

Design Features
Modular & Reconfigurable – With its stackable modular building block design, Diversity™ allows for great flexibility to meet your requirements. As a single-high, it can be changed from full depth to reduced depth, or even from a desktop to double high with minimal add-ons, and can accommodate a wide range of electrical equipment.

Triple-High Modules – A console solution that can be configured up to 3 tiers high, Diversity™ offers this unique ability to maximize user functionality without increasing the console footprint.

24/7 Durability – A modular steel and aluminum internal structure ensures the Diversity™ can withstand the rigors of 24/7 control center applications while the high-pressure laminate work surface ensures day-to-day durability.

Convenient Equipment Access – Hinged doors and removable equipment fronts offer unlimited access to all your electrical equipment for servicing. In addition, all processor shelves and equipment fronts are designed with a quick release system to allow for easy removal.

Finishes, Accessories and more – External panels are available in standard LPL finishes with durable HPL finished work surfaces. A variety of equipment fronts are available to facilitate the mounting of phones, binders, paper storage accessories, rack mount equipment, control switches and other custom equipment.

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