The Ultimate Emergency Response Console

Arguably the most dynamic ergonomic solution for the 24/7 emergency dispatch facility, the innovative Evans Dispatch™ console is in a class of its own. With years of industry research, client feedback and design expertise involved in its creation, the Dispatch™ console doesn’t just meet industry requirements but exceeds them unlike any other product in the marketplace.

Designed to be the 911-dispatch console of the future, the Evans Dispatch™ incorporates unique features that are destined to lead the industry. By incorporating Evans’ patented ergonomic technology, an innovative modular and easily reconfigurable structure that exceeds industry standards for durability, unique functional rear wall options and unparalleled equipment and cable management, we have strived to ensure this revolutionary console is the ultimate solution that will enhance your operators’ efficiency and effectiveness.

A dynamic console solution that has been meticulously designed from the ground up to meet the day-to-day rigorous demands of the Public Safety/ 9-1-1 Communication Center, the Evans Dispatch™ and its many operator benefits will fast become the preferred option of this demanding environment.

Design Features
Durable and Modular Structural Design – Designed with a rugged steel frame, Dispatch™ offers unparalleled durability while its flexible, modular based frame system allows the use of standard modules to create various configurations and visual layouts. Such modularity means that the panels and cladding can even be removed without affecting the structural integrity of the console, while making future reconfigurations and retrofits easy.

Unparalleled Cable Management – Four separate partitioned wire management channels help keep each of the power, data, RF and ground cabling separated while also offering hard mounting points for optional cooling fans. In addition, the four wire management energy chains ensure clean cable flow from the work surface level monitors to the main console cavity

Ample Equipment Storage and Access – With two CPU equipment cavities, Dispatch™ easily accommodates 6 CPU’s to help avoid the need for outboard CPU storage space. Mounted forward-facing on slide out shelves, equipment is easily accessible for servicing from both the front and rear panels to avoid disturbing the user, while innovative integrated cable management hinged “elbows” keep equipment cables from crimping or pinching

Unique Rear Wall Options – Dispatch™ is setting industry trends by offering uniquely aesthetic yet functional rear panel options to meet all your operator needs, such as multi-purpose functional slat wall, slat wall/Plexiglas combination wall, or even sound absorption rear panels

Superior Ergonomic Design – Meeting or exceeding standard required ergonomic parameters, the Dispatch™ design includes two heavy-duty lift columns to ensure easy touch-of-a-button work surface height adjustability, an ADA-compliant separate articulating adjustable keyboard platform, and our patented ergonomic soft waterfall nosing on all work surfaces
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