Digi Passport®

Digi Passport®


Secure, reliable in- and out-of-band console management

The Digi Passport provides secure remote access for computer systems and network equipment. It supports serial console connections, service processor connections to the leading server vendors, as well as SMASH extensions to network-based access protocols. Capable of communicating with virtually any server or device, the Digi Passport is ideal for cross-platform equipment support.

Digi’s freeKVM technology allows secure access to a system’s BIOS, OS and graphical desktop from a single interface. Users can manage multiple servers without the additional hardware, complexity or cost of most KVM over IP solutions.

The built-in Automatic Device Recognition (ADR) feature makes set-up and configuration of the Digi Passport easy. ADR detects attached devices, identifies them, and populates the Title page with details from the connected device. Additionally, ADR monitors the connected serial ports and sends alerts when devices have been disconnected or are down.

The Digi Passport, used in conjunction with the Digi Remote Power Manager, offers comprehensive in- and out-of-band infrastructure management. Users can remotely power on/off connected devices, reboot servers, and receive notifications of changes in power usage, temperature readings, system reboots and more.

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