CPI Wall Ceiling and Under-Floor Systems

CPI Wall Ceiling and Under-Floor Systems


CPI offers smaller structural support systems that help you save space in tight areas and support equipment outside the data room. CPI has partnered with American Access Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of zone enclosures, to provide telecommunications spaces outside of the traditional telecommunications room. Standards-recognized zone cabling practices reduce the overall cost of adding or moving network cabling. These products can attach to the wall or be installed above drop ceilings or under raised floors.

CPI offers additional lines of open or enclosed wall-mount systems for wireless applications and to support heavier loads of equipment and cabling.

CPI Wall, Ceiling & Under-Floor Systems include the following benefits:

  • High-quality construction and design
  • Small exterior dimensions to save space in tight areas
  • Secure equipment support outside of the data room
  • Reduced cost of cable configurations when used to create consolidation points in your network
  • Open and enclosed options to suit your aesthetic preferences and security requirements
  • A variety of sizes and options to suit your needs and budget

CUBE-iT PLUSTM Cabinet System

Mount up to 1,000 lb of equipment in a new choice of sizes.

Raised Floor Enclosure for Fiber

Pre-wire the data center for quick equipment connections.

EasySwing™ Wall-Mount Rack

Select EasySwing for cost-effective wall-mount storage. EasySwing ships fully assembled and folded flat.

ThinLineTM II Wall-Mount Cabinet

Secure network equipment in tight or high-traffic areas with this versatile wall cabinet.

Ceiling Mounted Zone Enclosure

Secure network cabling and equipment above office spaces.

Ceiling Mounted Wireless Enclosure

Create a permanent, secure location for Wireless Access Points and Bridges.

Domed Wireless Ceiling Enclosure & Wireless Wall Enclosures

Mount wireless transmitters in office spaces, warehouse areas or outdoors.