Coolcentric Sidecar Heat Exchanger

Coolcentric Sidecar Heat Exchanger


For rack densities up to 40kW

The Coolcentric Sidecar Heat Exchanger is a passive in-row cooler that provides extended cooling capacity for increased rack densities of up to 40kW. The bolt-on Sidecar Assembly has a specially-designed easy access rear door, a side chassis measuring 11.3” wide by 52” deep (290mm x 1330mm), and a much larger coil than a standard Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx). The larger coil provides increased cooling capacity for higher density loads. In addition, because of the larger coil, warmer water could be used to economically cool 20+kW heat loads, reducing the load on the chiller and providing further energy cost savings while maintaining the same cooling capacity of a standard RDHx. In many cases this could also allow the use of Free Water Cooling (using evaporator water), a source of cooling with significantly reduced energy cost.

The Sidecar Assembly is attached to the back and side of the host rack enclosure with the specially-designed rear access door replacing the rack enclosure rear door and providing easy access to cabling.

The Sidecar uses the same proven passive technology as our standard RDHx doors and uses chilled (or Free) water for the heat exchange. The Sidecar takes advantage of air flow from fans built into the rack-mount devices to move hot exhaust air through the coil, transferring heat to the water and flowing cool neutralized air back into the data center. The Sidecar therefore does not need its own power-consuming fans that create heat and add to the noise level in the data center. The passive in row cooling of the Sidecar provides unmatched reliability, flexibility, expandability and cooling performance, all while reducing operating expenses.

Coolcentric Sidecar Heat Exchanger Benefits:

  • Completely neutralizes heat loads up to 40kW
  • Easy access rear door for cabling and power access
  • A passive in-row cooling system that requires no electricity at the Sidecar
  • Reduced operating cost and carbon footprint
  • No fans, eliminating points of failure
  • No noise
  • 100% Sensible cooling – no condensate issues
  • Thermal Safety Circuit to monitor operation and automatically redirect hot exhaust air into the hot aisle if required
  • Transition Frames (same as RDHx) allow attachment to over 75% of rack enclosures

The World’s Most Efficient, Flexible and Cost-Effective Cooling Solutions for Today’s Sustainable Data Centers

Data center cooling can account for as much as 55% of a data center’s total annualized operating cost. As the cost of energy continues to increase, data center operating expenses can be expected to grow exponentially. In addition to these rising energy costs, system consolidation initiatives have increased the number of blade servers residing in rack-mount enclosures, creating significant cooling challenges for data center managers and designers

As the average heat density per enclosure increases, providing the cooling necessary to properly operate the data center becomes increasingly difficult, In addition, due to inefficiencies within many cooling systems, cooling must be provided that is two times heat load requirements. As a result, data center managers and designers are now looking beyond the typical perimeter cooling topology using computer room air conditioners (CRAC) or computer room air handlers (CRAH) because the needs of today’s data centers have severely strained or surpassed their capabilities.

Data center managers and owners are now looking to Coolcentric for answers. The expanded family of Coolcentric data center cooling solutions provide increased cooling capacity, reduced costs and smarter sustainable solutions.

Coolcentric Data Center System Cooling Solutions

Coolcentric data center system cooling solutions are the smart answer for lowering data center system cooling costs. Coolcentric heat exchangers can reduce total energy consumption by 90%, decrease white space by 80% and reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 50% when compared to common CRAC units.

Liquid Cooling Technology

Liquid cooling technology removes 3,500 times more heat than air. It is field proven and has been safely and efficiently used in data centers for decades. Based on technology developed by IBM, Coolcentric data center cooling solutions are flexible, bringing cooling to the source of the heat – the IT enclosure to provide the ultimate in heat containment.

Sidecar Deployment

The Sidecar can be easily deployed in existing data centers or used as the standard for cooling in new installations. Designed to be adapted to most of the industry‘s leading models of IT enclosures, and with top- or bottom-feed options, users have great flexibility for planning and implementing distribution of the chilled water.

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