The CM4000 family of console servers enables system administrators and IT professionals to securely manage their data centers and networks from anywhere in the world. CM4000 provides reliable and affordable access to the serial console ports, and the graphical desktop screens, on Windows, Sun and Linux servers. They also monitor and control network infrastructure (switches, firewalls etc) and manage general appliances (PBXs, building security, power switches etc).

Console servers provide a simple and secure solution for accessing, monitoring, and controlling distributed networks of servers and appliances, from a single site. They provide direct console and screen access for troubleshooting and diagnostics, and enable the infrastructure to be reconfigured and rebooted, ensuring availability at critical times.

A CM4000 console server at a remote site can be accessed In-band through the enterprise IP network, or Out-of-band through a dial-up modem PPP port or a management network. All connections are secure, with encrypted access to remote systems using up to 128-bit AES encryption. CM4000 also provides a selection of filtering and access logging facilities. All console logs can be archived off line. Access also can be restricted by IP address, by password, or by account. So managers can securely control and manage their distributed networks of servers and appliances.