Cloud Backup D2D2C

Cloud Backup D2D2C

Appliance based Disk to Disk to Cloud Backup Solution


As WDM promised its valued customers to address their cloud backup performance, here we introduce you industry’s best Disk to Disk to Cloud backup solution, the solution is based on our Disk to Cloud direct backup with a middle ware hardware appliance on customer premise, the 1U appliance can backup up 2-8TB data at speed of up to 1TB on a bonded 1GB Ethernet connection. Other form factors range between 1U to 9U depending on the size of the solution.

If you are looking for backing up data from Disk to Disk and decide on going to cloud on next hop, this solution is absolutely for you. There are countless advantages to this offer.

For a product range see table below.

Backup Capacity Form Factor Power Power Supplies Support & Maintenance
2 – 8 TB 1U 280 W 1 Advanced 3 Years Free
9 – 36 TB 2U 920 W 2 Advanced 3 Years Free
30 – 80 TB 4U 1200 W 2 Advanced 3 Years Free
88 – 176 TB 9U 1620 W 4 Advanced 3 Years Free

All the appliances have to meet their minimum disk space, Prices start from hardware cost $4,000 plus a $1,000/TB.