Micro Modular Data Center and Modular Containers

What would drive an organization to consider a modular solution?  Reasons include:

  1. Rapid IT Deployment Schedules. If you need space in a hurry, a containerized solution may be the right answer for you. Pre-built, with specific known characteristics and support infrastructure requirements, these solutions can cut your time to effective use by 50% or more.
  2. Facility Scalability. Need to find space for a row of new IT equipment? Modular solutions can help you scale usable floor space quickly. However, make sure you work with an experienced facility consultant to confirm your power and cooling support infrastructure (I.e. utility feed, switch gear, etc.) can handle the increased load.
  3. High Efficiencies. Most data center operators struggle to keep the facility running at optimal energy efficiency. However, modular solutions have known loads and efficiency quotients. As an example, some manufacturer designs leverage efficient cooling approaches such as free cooling much more effectively than a data center built within an office complex.
  4. Reduced CAPEX Requirements. Modular solutions can be treated as movable assets to allow you to avoid large CAPEX investments. In addition, they can be depreciated over a shorter timeframe than a construction investment.
  5. Repeatable Standards. Modular infrastructure is built within a form factor and structure that is repeatable. These repeatable building blocks are engineered once and delivered to a spec regularly. When compared to diverse data center portfolios with different room configurations, venting, etc., modular infrastructure can be far superior.
  6. Structural Security. Some manufacturers of containerized solutions design tolerances up to 4 hours for Class 125 fire protection. Creating a Class 125 rated data center design from scratch can be done but is expensive. Why not leverage a pre-constructed design?

After determining your strategic reasons to consider a modular or containerized data center approach, it is critical to look at the best-in-class solutions. WDM Inc. provides feasibility assessments and a great deal of experience with these modular approaches and can help guide you to the right solution for your requirements. After a great deal of research and validation of their claims, our recommendations include products from  Elliptical Mobile Solutions, Emerson, and PVD.

Deploying And Using Containerized Modular Data Center Facilities (PDF)

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