Data Center Applications

Recently data center power and cooling measurement and metrics solutions have been desired for new data center projects. And just as many times those solutions are value engineered out of the project due to their high cost.

Data centers house the world’s finest information systems but a real scarcity exists for information systems that support the data center operation. In many cases paper based tools are still the norm.

Data center operations require knowledge of Capacity and Consumption of thousands of power and cooling infrastructure components to avoid shortfall and risk to meet Information Technology demands for uptime and the time to market needs of new business applications.

Many vendors have created technologies that provide a way forward for new build-outs but strand existing infrastructure. It is within the existing data center that the largest opportunities exist to recover stranded capacity.

C2esoft solutions integrates our industry leading software with a robust wireless sensor network to build a non-distributive infrastructure that cost magnitudes less than typical wired solutions.

C2esoft was founded on the premise that data center operators need tools that support legacy as well as new builds. We are committed to providing solutions that provide answers to these pressing questions:

Is my Data Center too cold?
Once an unheard of question because heat is the enemy to IT equipment. However, over cooling wastes energy and that increases costs.

Is my Data Center out of electrical capacity?
Many data centers are finding power panels and RPP’s severely overloaded due to the lack of metrics. And if they do have branch circuit monitoring systems they are still reacting because their BCM systems don’t provide actionable data.

When will I run out of capacity?
Many manual processes have been created within the data center to attempt to track capacity but due to the human capital necessary to report on these systems, typically only the highest level detail is possible so departments track UPS data but are surprised when a PDU or distribution panel becomes overloaded thus delaying business application deployment.

When do I need to build?
Many large enterprises are faced with overloading their current infrastructure creating the very risk that data centers are designed to avoid while they are reactively building out new capacity.

Our software tracks every layer of electrical distribution (UPS, PDU, Panels, Circuits) and analyzes corollary components within its distribution. With this in-depth perspective we don’t falsely report capacity if a necessary component is exhausted.

Our wireless hardware dramatically changes the cost to install and obtain this crucial information. To further reduce your implementation costs our industry leading software is offered as a service thus avoiding the large capital expenditure to buy and host data collection systems inside the corporate firewall.

Meter Product Sheet Conservation (PDF)
Meter Product Sheet Inspector (PDF)