BayTech Remote Site Management Products

BayTech Remote Site Management Products


BayTech’s Remote Site Management Solutions are what you are looking for if:

  • You are seeking a scalable solution
  • You want robust dependable hardware
  • You want to access, control and monitor up to 640 receptacles over a single IP address
  • You need Telnet and Dial-up access to your solution
  • You want Console Access to up to 24 devices over a single IP address
  • You want a solution that is easily upgraded to meet higher demands
  • You are tired of spending hundreds of hours at a time auditing and reporting power consumption
  • You want to monitor current, voltage and temperature per rack or enclosure
  • You want audible alarms in overloadconditions
  • You want an SNMP enabled solution

MMP – Modular Metered Power @ Baytech
MRP – Modular Rack Power @ Baytech
MSP – Modular Sensored Power @ Baytech

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