ATS14 Series Automatic Transfer Switching

ATS14 Series Automatic Transfer Switching


  • Telnet and SNMP Support with DS or F Series controller
  • Automatic failover from power side A to power side B
  • Configurable failover thresholds
  • User authentication for added security
  • RS232 (serial) access
  • Current and Voltage monitoring

Marketing Information
Providing redundancy on the power circuit level is critical to maintaining uptime. The ATS14 provides a simple and reliable solution for automatically sensing power loss and seamlessly switching to a back up circuit. An onboard RS232 port allows for unit configuration, easy monitoring, and control of the power source. When used with a DS Series or F Series console access server, the ATS14 can be monitored via SNMP.

Product Listing for the ATS14 Family
ATS14-20 – 3-phase, 20-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch with RS232 access

Baytech (remote power)