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In advanced data centers and telecom sites; companies are managing complex, mission-critical systems that require uncompromised performance and reliability. Remote monitoring of these systems in both manned and unmanned facilities is crucial to maximizing site performance and profitability.

MappingWith AKCP, Access control is integrated with our high definition cameras so that events can also be visually recorded. Access live and recorded high definition video footage. Drag & Drop your doors, sensors, cameras and access control readers – all of your monitoring devices, onto any map of your choice. Monitor an overview, or drill down to a specific device location.

Uploaded maps showing cities, countries, buildings, and specific rooms are easily combined as a visual representation with a host of preset animations to use.



Access Control from AKCP provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your business and assets.


Access LogsAccess Logs and Security Notifications

Access control eliminates the needs for multiple key holders and reduces the cost associated with lock changes. Cardholder access can be revoked at any time, improving security and crisis response.

With our reports, you can access the length of time workers have been on site, where they have been and if they have attempted to access unauthorized areas.

Alarms for situations like doors being forced open can be responded to in real-time sending you notifications immediately.



Time Attendance InformationIntegrated Time & Attendance System

Access control can be used for measuring and reporting time and attendance resulting in a more efficient workforce and more accurate payroll.

The Time and Attendance System can also be incorporated in to daily operations so that events like shutting down heating, lighting and power or arming alarms happens automatically.




Door Entry PointDoor Entry Point Not only can AKCess Pro Server automatically keep track of Attendance data. Door entry points can also be linked to time-stamped video capture as well as making video footage and information easy to locate and reference in an emergency.

Access Control Solutions available now!

AKCess Pro Access Control Bundles

Door Control Unit Cabinet Control Unit

The core of AKCP’s Access Control Solution is our Door Control Unit. The Door Control Unit is a versatile base unit with a multitude of applications. You can also add up to 2 additional environmental monitoring sensors using RJ45 plug and play technology.

Our integrated Access Control system doesn’t stop at simply securing entry and exit points. Now that you have your perimeter secured you can move on to securing your equipment and perhaps more important, your information.

Used in conjunction with the Door Control Unit, the Cabinet Control Unit, makes expanding security to your cabinets easier than ever. Use the Door Control Unit to record and monitor all access to your server cabinets.

Door Control Units are available individually or take advantage of our bundles for a complete solution.

Door Control Unit

Door Control Unit

Cabinet Control Unit

Cabinet Control Unit

AKCP’s Biometric and Card Readers

Card SwipeIn addition to recording live video of all access attempts, AKCP allows you to further your security measures using our top of the line Access Readers. Access Readers are available in card or Biometric designs.

Card reader access is controlled via RFID which can be linked to individual users that automatically log users in or out, making payroll easy.

AKCP’s EM Card Reader is a weatherproof, compact and contactless reader which supports EM cards and key tags.

It is designed for fast integration into our AKCess Pro Server application and is International Standards Compliant.

Biometric ReaderYou can also upgrade to our High Resolution Biometric reader that enrolls users using their fingerprints for locations that require higher levels of security.

AKCess Pro’s advanced fingerprint scanners use a digitized reading of your finger as a security access key. These are very popular in government and military compounds and are becoming increasingly more popular for data centers and computer rooms.