Data centers must be kept cool to achieve maximum operating efficiency and ensure against disastrous malfunction, computer crashes, and loss of data. Unwanted mixing of warm air and cold air is one of the key factors contributing to energy waste.

That’s why data centers need a way to reduce data center cooling costs by directing cold air where it is needed most—through the computer racks. AirBlock curtains and strip doors from Simplex separate cold air and warm air aisles, maximizing the dynamics of airflow to cool your data center. A system can pay for itself in months.

• Save energy on both air conditioning and fan systems—15% and 67%, respectively, according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

• The AirBlock product line includes transparent curtains, strip doors, panels, and patented hardware, letting you create a solution specific to your needs.

• Specially formulated vinyls are low-outgassing and antistatic and meet ASTM and NFPA fire retardancy requirements.

• Hardware is also designed so curtains fall away in the case of fire, allowing fire sprinklers full operating range.

Simplex also manufactures hardwall systems with rigid, transparent panels, offering even more containment and greater ability to direct cool air. All Simplex products and systems are designed to meet ASTM and NFPA fire retardancy requirements.