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AC Power / UPS


Rack PDU

IT and Facility Managers need to reliably and efficiently distribute data center power to rack-based networking equipment via rack power distribution units (PDUs). Whatever the level of criticality–basic distribution, remote monitoring, or control at the receptacle level–an Emerson Network Power Rack PDU solution fits your application needs.

Innovative Adaptive Rack PDU solution that allows easy reconfiguration of input power and hot swappable replacement of output power. They are an ideal solution for highly dynamic data centers that require immediate on-site reconfiguration to fulfill the changing power needs of IT equipment. Output modules with varying levels of managed capabilities available.

Managed Rack PDU family offering industry’s highest operating temperature range in a slim form factor, it ensures high availability despite prevalent hot spots in the back of the rack.

MPH-C models provide strip / circuit level metering as well as receptacle level control
MPH-B models provides strip / circuit level metering

Managed Rack PDU family with Support for DSview3, SNMP v1,2,3 , IPv6, CLI, SSH and several other protocols and authentication modes allows these units to seamlessly fit into any manageability method being used.

PM1000 provides strip / circuit level metering
PM2000 provides receptacle level metering
PM3000 provides receptacle level metering and control

Basic AC power distribution in a robust package. Standard and High-Power models are available in a variety of configurations. Slim form factor and various mounting methods allow them to seamlessly fit into most racks.

Basic DC features plug-and-play connectors for simple field installation, NetSure™ RDB 48V DC Rack Distribution Units are designed for ultimate ease of use within telecom and other DC Power environments.

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