5125 Rackmount UPS

5125 Rackmount UPS


The Powerware 5125 UPS delivers superior power quality and protection in the 1000-6000 VA range for PC/workstation clusters, enterprise networking systems, server farms, and data center systems anywhere continuous, clean power must be provided in a compact package at an affordable price. “

This proven family of UPSs, which already included models for 1000-3000 VA, has been expanded in 2004 with new 5000 VA and 6000 VA models. Up to 6000 VA of UPS power is packed into three units (3U) of rack space, a mere 5.25” high, including batteries. That means more rack space is available for other critical equipment, such as servers, disk arrays, and extra batteries.”

LanSafe™ software, included with the UPS, supports orderly shutdown of non-essential equipment during power outages to extend battery backup power time for critical systems. Connectivity options enable secure, remote power management over your existing LAN or the Web.”

Features and Benefits

  • Doubles battery service life and gives you advanced warning of the end of useful battery life with Advanced Battery Management (ABM)® technology
  • Prolongs backup time with 2U Extended Battery Modules
  • Powers more of today’s modern power supplies with high wattage output
  • Delivers smooth, continuous power with pure sine wave output
  • Protects your equipment from power fluctuations with Buck and Boost voltage regulation
  • Virtually eliminates downtime with hot-swappable electronics and battery modules
  • Integrates connectivity products such as the ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP/xHub card easily with an option slot
  • Ensures data integrity with free Software Suite bundle including LanSafe™ software, PowerVision® software, and NetWatch
  • Extends backup time for select equipment with Load segments
  • Guarantees performance with the Triple Power Warranty
  • Enhanced warranty coverage with optional Gold Plan
  • Select models available in black
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