3mm OM3 STLC

3mm OM3 STLC


Optical fiber is a highly transparent strand of glass that transmits light signals with low attenuation (loss of signal power) over long distances, providing nearly limitless bandwidth. This technology enables telecommunications service providers to send voice, data, and video at ever increasing rates. Corning is committed to providing education and technical support to ensure the basics of optical fiber, its composition, and its capabilities are understood. Explore the links below for more information or visit our Fiber 101 program.

For further details about our Fiber 101 program, please contact WDM representative.


How Does It Work?

An optical fiber is comprised of three basic parts: (1) the core is the inner glass that carries information in the form of light signals; (2) the cladding glass surrounds the core and ensures the light pulses remain within the core; and (3) an outer coating that protects the fiber during processing, installation, and handling.

Why Is It Important?

Much as earlier generations took for granted the availability of electricity, today many of us take for granted our ability to seamlessly connect to the world and access information on virtually any subject without leaving our home or office. This dramatic and rapid transformation simply would not be possible without Corning’s development of a commercially viable low-loss optical fiber.

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