WDM Inc Offers VIPRE Business Security

Threats are evolving. Are you ready? From Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and targeted attacks to Zero-day threats and the millions of new variants of viruses, worms and Trojans bypassing traditional signature-based security solutions, today’s threat landscape has many organizations scrambling to shore up their cyber defenses.

And the stakes couldn’t be higher. High-profile data breaches are grabbing headlines, eroding customer confidence and costing organizations millions.

1 Verizon; 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report

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Consumers: VIPRE Internet Security            VIPRE AntiVirus

Business:     VIPRE Business              VIPRE Business Premium

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OPA Call for Special Pricing

Cooper B-Line Announces OSHPD Pre-Approval (OPA) Numbers for Rack and Runway Products

Significant investment in OPA numbers demonstrate Company’s commitment to institutional construction industry in California and beyond.

HIGHLAND, IL, December 2, 2010 – Cooper B-Line, a global provider of innovative, labor-saving support systems and enclosure solutions for engineered facility subsystem applications, has obtained pre-approval status for its rack and runway products from California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). The OSHPD pre-approval (OPA) is a critical development for contractors and engineers in the state of California and surrounding areas, which can lead to cost savings benefits thanks to the elimination of expensive and time-consuming seismic engineering services, which are required by state law for all unapproved materials.

“Cooper B-Line’s investment in OPA numbers for rack and runway products indicates our commitment to our customers in this region, as well as in surrounding areas that enforce very strict safety standards,” said Joe Kline, Vice President of Marketing at Cooper B-Line. “Our offering of OPA-approved rack and runway products further differentiates Cooper B-Line as a solutions provider for the cable management industry.”

OSHPD is a government agency in California empowered by the Alfred E. Alquist Hospital Seismic Safety Act in 1973. Due to several hospital collapses in the early 1970s, OSHPD was created to ensure uniformity in health care facility construction standards. These standards have been set so that patients remain safe, and hospitals remain functional during, as well as following an earthquake. To ensure that these standards are followed, OSHPD both reviews plans prior to construction and inspects facilities following construction. Because the review and inspection process can be both time and labor intensive, the Facility Development Division of OSHPD has worked with manufacturers to develop pre-approved systems, which simplify and speed-up the construction review process.

Cooper B-Line has released a flyer with OPA numbers listed for its rack and runway products. To learn more, please contact Cooper B-Line customer service at (800) 851-7415 or visit

About Cooper B-Line
Cooper B-Line, a subsidiary of Cooper Industries plc (NYSE: CBE), is a global provider of innovative, labor-saving support systems and enclosure solutions for engineered facility subsystem applications. Cooper B-Line’s products are used in a variety of settings for the commercial, industrial, utility and OEM markets. For more information, visit

About Cooper Industries
Cooper Industries plc (NYSE: CBE) is a global manufacturer with 2009 revenues of $5.1 billion. Founded in 1833, Cooper’s sustained level of success is attributable to a constant focus on innovation, evolving business practices while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and meeting customer needs. The Company has seven operating divisions with leading market share positions and world-class products and brands including: Bussmann electrical and electronic fuses; Crouse- Hinds and CEAG explosion-proof electrical equipment; Halo and Metalux lighting fixtures; and Kyle and McGraw-Edison power systems products. With this broad range of products, Cooper is uniquely positioned for several long-term growth trends including the global infrastructure build-out, the need to improve the reliability and productivity of the electric grid, the demand for higher energy-efficient products and the need for improved electrical safety. In 2009, sixty-one percent of total sales were to customers in the industrial and utility end-markets and thirty-nine percent of total sales were to customers outside the United States. Cooper has manufacturing facilities in 23 countries as of 2009. For more information, visit the website at

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Liberty Center One first to pilot TrendPoint’s new EnerSure® utility grade power monitoring system

Royal Oak, MI. October 2, 2012. What do Instagram, Heroku, Netflix, and Arizona State University have in common? All suffered lengthy outages due to power issues at their data centers this summer. Power management is one of the most critical factors faced by data center managers in their quest to make sure their systems are always available. Liberty Center One, a high availability data center in Royal Oak, Mi has partnered with TrendPoint Systems, a leader in utility grade power monitoring, to improve its pro-active power management practices.

While Liberty has developed its own system that keeps track of its critical infrastructure elements including dual redundant UPS units, redundant generators and Computer Room AC units it was looking for a monitoring product that could provide visibility down to the individual branch circuit level for customer racks.

“Our goal for monitoring systems is to detect potential issues before they become problems,” says Tim Mullahy, Managing Director at Liberty Center One. “Notices when problems occur are important, but our overall objective is to keep problems from happening.”

After searching for a monitoring product that would meet its proactive mandate and that would meet the specifications used by Fortune 100 corporations to manage high availability business applications, Liberty Center One decided to integrate a new product from TrendPoint Systems, a leading provider of utility grade power and cooling monitoring devices.

TrendPoint’s EnerSure® Bus Power Meter gathers precise data from IT and cooling loads – amps, volts, power factor, watts, kWh energy — and is the only product that meets ANSI C12.1 standards to provide utility-grade data at the branch circuit level. Its proprietary split core CT’s are .5% accurate from 1-100% of the rating, giving customers the confidence to make decisions about their power utilization.

Liberty was the first commercial data center in the US to pilot test the new Ensure® Bus Power meter product this past summer.

According to Patrick Turner, Liberty Center One’s CTO, the selection of TrendPoint was ‘nearly a no-brainer.’ “First and foremost, we needed a solution with utility grade accuracy. We found that integrating EnerSure® Bus into our in-house monitoring systems was incredibly easy.”

“TrendPoint’s offerings for both circuit breaker panel-based and busway-based solutions provide the right solution for the right price and help us be competitive in the per-rack colo commercial data center space.”
The EnerSure® Bus provides pro-active information and warnings to Liberty Center One customers if their power usage spikes to levels that may trigger circuit overloads, and provides the ability to trend power usage data over time.

TrendPoint’s products will assist with trouble shooting and help Liberty Center One’s support teams and customers more quickly isolate issues. In any outage, speed of recovery is critical and the TrendPoint system is a tool that will greatly reduce diagnostic time.

“We will be providing customers with web-based tools that they can access to see their power consumption patterns on each of their circuits in real time,” added Mullahy. “Customers will have access to a planning tool that will help them understand changes in power usage over time and to determine how present power usage might influence future hardware additions or changes.”

Another benefit for Liberty Center One management is the ability to get a rack by rack view of power usage patterns that can assist in environmental management.

“TrendPoint’s tools are a great compliment to our temperature monitoring system and will allow us to improve our environmental efficiency,” says Turner.

Liberty Center One is also incorporating the EnerSure® Bus Power Meter into the design of a new 4,000 square foot expansion space scheduled for completion by the end of 2012.

About Liberty Center One
Liberty Center One is a SOC2 Type II audited, commercial data center located in Royal Oak, MI offering high availability colocation, managed, dedicated and shared hosting services with superior power density architecture. Contact Liberty Center One by calling 734-507-0521, by visiting, or by emailing

About TrendPoint
TrendPoint Systems provides industry-leading power and cooling monitoring systems that measure power consumption and provide predictive failure analysis to maximize uptime and energy efficiency.

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APC by Schneider Electric Data Center

Visibility and Transparency – A fundamental requirement of any modern data center is visibility and transparency into the complete inventory. This facilitates quick resolution for identifying & solving any problem occurring in the data center.

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Emerson Road Tour

Coming to a Location Near You – See the Latest Advances in Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure from Emerson Network Power, Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions combine leading power, cooling and infrastructure management systems with industry best practices in design and operations in an integrated solution.

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Adder – New Product!

ADDERLink INFINITY dual allows a computer and its operator to be separated by almost any distance without any loss in capabilities, reduction in video resolution, quality or USB latency. Locate computers anywhere you like, share connections to computers, watch the interactions others have with computers, share control, collaborate, switch computers, and so on.

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