About WDM

Company Profile

Founded in 1972 as Western Data Memories, Inc., the company specialized in the sales, lease, maintenance, and repair of removable rotating memory devices (disk packs). Magnetic media, printer ribbons and other related products soon followed and by 1975 Western Data Memories carried a complete line of computer supplies and accessories.

As the mainframe environment grew in the 70’s and early 80’s, the lack of adequate floor space became an important concern of most data center managers. The cost of computer room real estate was soaring and it became apparent that we should offer products that would reduce floor space requirements. After consulting with our customers many new ideas were generated concerning space saving products. In 1980 Western Data Memories introduced a Bi-level Workstation that allowed console monitors and keyboards to be vertically stacked.

We also developed a console printer stacking system and IBM assisted us in the design of several stacking frames for its 3270 controller line.

By 1990 Western Data Memories was looking at the telecommunications industry as an additional source for new product potential. 1990 was also the year we became known as WDM.
The company began to sell and install specialized Network Command Centers, and continued to look toward the future. As local and wide area technology exploded, companies large and small began to install LAN related equipment in staggering proportions. WDM followed with products that would not only organize this equipment, but save valuable floor space as well.

Over our many years in business, the computer industry has experienced amazing changes through technological advancement. Along with these advancements, WDM has had to change as well. WDM has evolved into your Total Solution Company for technology management. We offer a single source to organize your technology environment, from project start to finish. With our large network of equipment and service providers, we will find the right solution for your project. Only one constant remains during our years in business, and that is our dedication to unparalleled customer service and continued support.

WDM Inc. has a national infrastructure of manufacturing plants and sales channels. Service and sales are available to all metropolitan cities in the USA. Our global network is available with most distribution systems and manufacturers. WDM, Inc. is a mirror image of the companies we represent. National contracts are in place and can be negotiated for most products.